Running on Empty Change Sheets

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Anita - May 23, 2022 Reply

Dr. Webb,

I was doing some research for my therapy client when I ran across Running on Empty. Ten minutes into the book, I got excited and even felt like jumping up and down. Of course, I am happy for my client, but I am out-of-this-world thrilled for me. I have struggled much of my life with that persistent inner void, feelings of not belonging, an inability to identify my feelings, inadequate self care, lack of self discipline (resulting in quite risky behaviors in the past), and no compassion for myself, thus no self love. Fortunately, my primary compulsion led me to the 12-step recovery rooms many years ago. Between the 12 steps and the fellowship of others like me, I have curbed some of my self-defeating behaviors while putting a complete stop to others. Yet, at almost 70 years old with a successful private therapy practice, I continue to emotionally beat myself up, and I lack the self-discipline to do many of the things that are necessary for a happy and joyous life.

We have all heard the saying, “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” Thank you so much for caring about your clients, for sharing the patterns you observed, and most importantly for giving us a well-written book validating our struggles and for giving us a detailed, do-able treatment plan.


    Jonice - May 27, 2022 Reply

    Dear Anita, I’m very happy to be helpful to you. I encourage you to keep learning about CEN and give yourself what you didn’t get in childhood. All my best to you!

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