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Rodney Fuller - February 20, 2020 Reply

Hi Dr Jonice. I just realised that my personality was seriously damaged by my family. This is a lot more than covered by CEN. My older brother had a serious narcissistic disorder and I identified with him. I did twenty years of therapy with a Jungian Analyst but eventually I had to cure myself because she did not understand how I was damaged psychologically. I see now that my brother shut down my natural personality though emotional and physical abuse. Your understanding about CEN has now enabled me to also recover mentally by doing things I enjoy. Thank you. Rodney

Rodney Fuller - February 19, 2020 Reply

Hi Dr Jonice. I had to do a chore this morning and felt resentment. I realised that as a teenager I resented working hard all the time at school work. My parent’s didn’t see that I was unhappy and ignored my feelings. Rodney

Rodney Fuller - February 18, 2020 Reply

Hi Dr Jonice. I realise my natural state is anxiety, and then I get annoyed that I feel that all the time. How do I change that? Rodney

    Jonice - February 19, 2020 Reply

    You can start thinking more deeply about your anxiety. What are the feelings that go into it? Start trying to name them instead of thinking of them as “anxiety.” That would be a great place to start on this.

Rodney Fuller - February 10, 2020 Reply

Hi Dr Jonice I have discussed with a therapist my recent experience with the Q&A and understand what happened. Thanks. Rodney

Rodney Fuller - February 10, 2020 Reply

Hi Dr Jonice. I have a therapist I worked for five years so we discussed my feelings at the Q&A last week. At birth I was put in a humidicrib and didn’t bond with my mother. Also I didn’t express rage towards my mother around age 2. So you have been part of a bridge to my feeling loved. My Russian language teacher was also a bridge to my showing love for others. My therapist says “love” is the core of who I am. Thank you for your help. Rodney

Rodney Fuller - February 9, 2020 Reply

Hello Dr Jonice. I just sent you a comment about Valentines. Four years ago I had Russian lessons in a woman’s flat and told her how much I enjoyed it. She and her husband returned to Russia after six months. Yesterday I thinking about her when I was overwhelmed by love for her. A result of your CEN course. Rodney

    Jonice - February 12, 2020 Reply

    I’m glad you’re feeling your feelings! Keep up the good work.

Rodney Fuller - February 6, 2020 Reply

Hi Dr Jonice. I was greatly helped by the Q&A today and liked your advice “to invite my feelings” so I can help manage them. There was a break in the call and couldn’t reconnect. I felt angry at the break and “wanted to punish you”. I realised I was acting like a child with my mother. Then abusive thoughts came in my mind from my hostile brother and I had strong bodily reactions in my stomach, throat, and eyes. Is this “transference”? I feel you are being my “therapist with CEN.”

    Jonice - February 6, 2020 Reply

    Hi Rodney, this is a sign that you will need some support and help as you go through the program. It would not be good for you to think of me as your therapist as you go through my online program, as it is a very different sort of set-up. You will need (and you also deserve) help and support to manage all of these feelings that you’re having. I think it would be a great idea for you to seek a CEN therapist near you who you can see. Also, on the CEN Therapist List there are plenty of therapists who do skype if there are none near you. Please do this, it is important.

Rodney Fuller - February 2, 2020 Reply

Hi Dr Jonice. I am reading “A Universe of Sufficient Size” by Miriam Sved and she conveys feelings by words which include memories and sensations. So we need experiences as well as words. Do you agree?

Rodney - January 31, 2020 Reply

Hi Dr Jonice. Having been put down for years by my nephew I told him yesterday he was very selfish and I had enough with his demeaning behaviour. I showed him how angry I was. Today I just looked after me and I felt so happy. I feel guilty but I don’t care. I am assertive and confident.

    Jonice - February 1, 2020 Reply

    It’s good you’re standing up for yourself, Rodney! I hope you have, or will, read a book on assertiveness so you can be sure to do it in a healthy way that you are most likely to be heard. Keep up the good work!

Rodney Fuller - January 26, 2020 Reply

Hi Dr Jonice. I often feel bored and emotional blocks, and don’t know why. But today I felt inner conflicts and worry about my needs for a loving relationship. Then I realised I hadn’t taken time to search my feelings about this issue. Instead my mind had tried to find solutions instead of accepting my feelings. So I am understanding more about my inner self.

    Jonice - January 26, 2020 Reply

    That’s a great example of how paying attention to your feelings tells you about yourself and what you need.

Rodney Fuller - January 24, 2020 Reply

Hi Dr Jonice. I asked myself yesterday why do I try to get everything done as fast as possible. Because my
family was always busy and I couldn’t slow down and relax. I need time for me to understand what I need. I have started to work out where to live and my needs in relationships.

    Jonice - January 26, 2020 Reply

    Excellent, Rodney!

Rodney Fuller - January 23, 2020 Reply

Hi Dr Jonice. I enjoyed talking to you for the first time and sharing. I miss living interactions so keep seeking conversations with people I meet and asking vertical questions.

    Jonice - January 23, 2020 Reply

    I enjoyed talking with you too, Rodney. I’m glad you’re in the program! Keep on practicing and it will pay off.

Rodney Fuller - January 12, 2020 Reply

I am reading first book after CEN recovery: “In His Father’s Footsteps” by Danielle Steel and feeling my emotions.

    Jonice - January 15, 2020 Reply

    That’s actually a good way to practice feeling: reading a book or watching a show that’s emotional. It’s a little less threatening or difficult than feeling them in real life.

Rodney Fuller - January 7, 2020 Reply

I realise I was too judging and critical of myself and others. Now I am relaxing and being kind to myself and others.

    Rodney Fuller - January 9, 2020 Reply

    I need to use my knowledge of psychology to manage CEN: mind, body and soul. I have a Protector/ Controller to manage my interactions with people. My self includes voices from my childhood and therapist. My question is that it is more complex than what is explained in your course. So I find it difficult to talk to other course members without a background in psychology. Can you add a module to give course members some basic knowledge of psychology ?

      Jonice - January 10, 2020 Reply

      Hi Rodney, good question! But psychology is a big field, very broad and deep. I have taken the parts that pertain directly to CEN and built them into the course to make it focused and targeted toward healing the specific problem of CEN. I’m sorry to say that it’s not possible for me to also try to educate about such a big field as psychology. It also may confuse members of Fuel Up For Life to have lots of extra info.

Rodney - December 28, 2019 Reply

Usually I feel depressed each morning. I realise now this is my core emotion and it comes from negative comments from my older brother in childhood. Today I tried to change my depression. So I said to myself, “ I accept what I heard as a child but no longer accept it as the truth of who I am. I know that I am worthwhile and appreciated by others. I felt happy. As I realise I can help myself I feel more valid as a person. I am amazed how this process worked. I am so sad for missing out on emotional help as a child. Thank you Dr Jonice. Rodney

    Jonice - December 29, 2019 Reply

    That is wonderful to hear, Rodney! Keep up the good work!

Rodney - November 22, 2019 Reply

I was waiting to be served in post office when a man started talking about feeling not right. I shared what I just found out from Jonice Webb about emotional neglect in childhood. From his conversation I realised he was suffering from
CEN. We had an instant connection for shared experiences. Amazing!

    Jonice - November 22, 2019 Reply

    That is amazing Rodney! You made a stranger’s day, and I hope your own as well! Good job making a meaningful connection with another person.

Michele - August 7, 2019 Reply

Hi I’m new to realizing my CEN. what direction do I need to go?

    Jonice - August 11, 2019 Reply

    I recommend first reading Running On Empty: Overcome Your Childhood Emotional Neglect. You can find it on Amazon or bookstores or local library. That will get you started. Also be sure to join my newsletter because that will keep you informed of every new resource available.

Michael - July 13, 2019 Reply

My wife and I are separated due to the fact that I am emotionally disconnected. I have been seeing a councilor for a few months and haven’t come to the source of my issues. When asked why I do things the way I do and unable to explain my feelings it drives my wife crazy. Let me also inform that my wife is a LCSW. When questioned by her I start feeling anxiety and discomfort and I clam up with feelings of cowardness, worthlessness, embarrassment. This is also my second marriage and I have an adult daughter from first marriage, that I don’t have a successful relationship with. Could I be suffering from CEN?

    Jonice - July 14, 2019 Reply

    It’s a possibility, Michael, based on what you are describing. Please take the CEN Test from this website and read the book Running On Empty. You’ll get a sense of whether it applies to you that way.

Juliet - May 24, 2019 Reply

Dear Dr. Webb,
After many years together, and a lot of work on our marriage (predominantly through heavy emotional labor performed by me before we started having children), my husband and I recently became aware of you, your books, and the concept of CEN. We were immediately able to pinpoint what has been covertly ailing our relationship all these years — his rather extreme difficulty with CEN. He has started seeing a therapist but it is progressing SO slowly. Too slow. Meanwhile I am desperately lonely and feel that I am drowning trying to hold our marriage and our family (1 young child and 1 on the way) together. I feel that things need to improve markedly before the baby gets here or this will be a disaster. I simply cannot emotionally carry 4 of us by myself with no emotional anchor. I am already seeing my own therapist. It does help to vent my frustrations somewhere else so as not to discourage him and spread my burgeoning feelings of hopelessness. I have also broadened my friend circle and reconnected with more distant family. But it’s not close to filling the hole in my heart. And I can feel that myself and my young child are starting to sustain damage now too. I can’t let that happen so I feel that my husband and I may be on track to “miss out” on each other in life. By the time he gets here, I worry I won’t be able to come back to love, much less the madly-in-love feelings I used to have for many years. I am so sad. What more can I do to “hold on” while I wait? Can I do anything to make this progress faster? Are we just star-crossed?

    Jonice - May 24, 2019 Reply

    Dear Juliet I know you’re in a very difficult situation. I suggest you see your husbands therapist with him as a way to bring your feelings into the room. That may speed up progress. Best wishes to you!

      Juliet - May 24, 2019 Reply

      Thank you Dr. Webb, I will do that. Could you also point me to any additional resources or support groups for spouses of people with CEN. I don’t want to feel so alone anymore.

        Jonice - May 26, 2019 Reply

        Dear Juliet, I’m sorry I don’t know of any support groups like that. But you should definitely read Running On Empty No More: Transform Your Relationships. it has lots of helpful information for you.

Cynthia Kay - January 12, 2019 Reply

I am so glad to have stumbled across CEN as it “explains” me perfectly. I am 61 years old, divorced, very lonely and was subjected to CEN for 39 years until my mother died in 1996. I am also a HSP – double whamy! I bought the book right away – about a year ago – but . . . I’m scared to read it. I’m afraid i’ll see myself and feel worse or that the “fixes” won’t work and my depression will get even worse (already pretty bad even on 2 meds). Any ideas on how to overcome this? There are no CEN therapist within 200 miles. I’ve emailed a couple on the list and heard nothing back.

Lucy A - October 11, 2018 Reply

Wow, reading about CEN explains ‘me’, perfectly. I have had that exact thought of feeling there was something wrong with me but not knowing what. Ever since childhood I have struggled forming relationships and thought I was just a bit odd. My father had many narcissistic qualities and so CEN explains everything perfectly. Thank you for highlighting and shining a light on this issue.

Jgrohl - September 24, 2018 Reply

Hi Dr Jonice,
I have been supporting a boy from age 13-19 with CEN it was going really well until this year. My daughter rejected his romantic advance and he changed dramatically. He will not see us and has been behaving awfully towards me. I am devestated. He says he will talk when he is ready but i am so hurt and frustrated that i have lashed out a few times and feel guilty. How do i deal with this. I guess my fear is losing him as someone in our lives he says we wont but he is like a son to me and i miss him terribly. He is punishing me i think because he knows i love him very much.

    Jonice - September 25, 2018 Reply

    Dear Jgrohl, this is far too complex a problem for me to help you with online. Please do see a therapist who can get all the history and help you through this.

Nessa - May 13, 2018 Reply

Ive read your book running on empty. How do you deal with intrusion of emotions and thoughts to the degree you self harm just to shut them up. They become so confusing and overwhelming I cant deal with them. Ive been told as a child and as an adult in a church that basically my feelings are incorrect. I know now my sense about a situation was correct, but I still have the messages running in my head…and Id rather shut them up than feel them.

AC - May 8, 2018 Reply

I realised and posted afew years ago about the trouble of living as an adult post CEN.
As a fairly competent scientist in those few years my skills have become more in demand, and as a result I am busy enough to know I just can’t keep going like this; yet saying no when you could help others is so hard.
To make things harder I’m now in the first meaningful relationship I’ve let myself be in (as running away comes naturally when you’ve learnt not to trust), and explaining why saying no is so hard just seems to be incomprehensible to someone more normal. How do you go about explaining it to someone, that you are trying to get a better balance, but that you are just not good at putting your own needs first; and how can you let people you could help down without feeling guilty?

    Jonice - May 9, 2018 Reply

    Dear AC, you don’t owe an explanation at all. But if it makes you feel bad, you can say, “I’m working on paying more attention to my own needs. My impulse is to always say yes but it’s wearing me down. I’m sorry but I can’t.” Or some variation using your own words.

inez fitria - April 30, 2018 Reply

hi Dr. jonice, let me first introduce my self, i`m inez from indonesia, I’ve read your very outstanding books (running on empty & second, running on empty no more) thank you so much for healing me, your books is really helping me to understand my self. i trough bad childhood and ever to think to commit suicide but after reading your books finally i can analyze what happened. so finally i got to stage where i am trying to forgive and make peace with my parents, but it`s really hard to do that and i just to figured out that is not fully my parents mistake because may them just inhereted from their parents too but this hypothesis can not be accepted by me because my grandparents is really lovable people especially to all their grandkids and my parents grew up in good enviroment too. please help me to figure out this case,
thank you so much Dr. jonice

best regard

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