Programs for Therapists and other Practitioners

Fuel Up For Life Program For Therapists and Other Practitioners 

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This 5-week program is designed to help therapists work with their clients (and themselves) to recover from Childhood Emotional Neglect and reconnect with their feelings to become the connected, fulfilled person they were meant to be.

You can walk through the four stages of recovery at your own pace:

  1. Recognize and accept your Childhood Emotional Neglect, how it happened and its full affect on you as an adult.
  2. Break down your wall.
  3. Learn to identify, use and manage your emotions.
  4. Connect and deepen your relationships.

The Fuel Up For Life program consists of videos, worksheets, homework, a private online community, and group Q&A calls with me. Each new stage builds upon understanding, awareness and skills built in the previous stages.

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Treating Childhood Emotional Neglect: An Overview

This 2-hour online training course will help you make the concept of Childhood Emotional Neglect understandable and nameable for your clients.

In this training you’ll discover how to:

  • Identify CEN in your clients and help them name the one thing they have felt was wrong with them their entire lives.
  • Help your clients see the particular ways in which their parents failed to emotionally validate them (in a way that is free from blame).
  • Guide your clients through the 5 Stages of CEN Recovery, including breaking through the wall that blocks off their emotions, and identifying and feeling their feelings.
  • Help them put themselves first, even if they have low self-worth and difficulty connecting with their emotions.
  • Help them remain motivated to heal beyond initial symptom relief.

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