Find a CEN Therapist List 2024

You’ve asked, and I finally have answers!

You’ve sent me thousands of emails from all over the world asking for referrals to therapists near you who understand CEN and can help you address it directly.

Below is my new CEN Specialist List

All of the therapists on the list are licensed, and have read both books, Running on Empty and Running On Empty No More

** Important Note: This geographic listing of CEN Trained Therapists and Coaches is for the convenience of visitors to this website, you may contact any of these people listed to inquire about their own services. While the therapists and coaches listed have completed the course work required by Dr. Webb for full certification, Dr. Webb does not guarantee results nor endorse anyone in particular on this list. No professional listed is an agent of Dr. Webb, and all treatment given by CEN-trained therapists and coaches are the sole responsibility of the individual therapist or coach.

  • LEVEL 1: These CEN therapists have taken my 2-hour Continuing Education Training plus read both of my books, Running On Empty and Running On Empty No More.
  • LEVEL 2: These CEN therapists have read both books Running On Empty and Running On Empty No More and have taken my 12-hour, deeply immersive Fuel Up For Life or Fuel Up For Life For Therapists Training.

**ATTENTION LICENSED THERAPISTS** If you are a certified or licensed therapist who has read Running on Empty and would like to help clients work through the book and/or address their CEN, we want to hear from you!

If you qualify, I’ll add you to this list. If you fill out the form and your status changes, e.g., you finish reading Running on Empty, obtain your license, take my online course, or attend my Continuing Education Training for Therapists, please e-mail with your current listing and desired updates, and we will update your status on the list (or add you if you weren’t yet on the list).

*** If you’ve taken my intensive 5-week online CEN Recovery Program, Fuel Up For Life or Fuel Up For Life For Therapists or completed my 2-Hr. Continuing Education Training For Therapists, let me know and I’ll give you special designation on this list.

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Licensed & Certified Therapists

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