5 Ways Childhood Emotional Neglect Makes You Feel Unloved as an Adult

hard to feel love

Here is a fact that may surprise you. When you grow up in a family that ignores, devalues, or eclipses your feelings, it damages your ability to feel loved as an adult.

Hard to believe, I know, but it is true. I have seen it over and over and over again in my therapy office as I work with folks who grew up in emotionally neglectful families.

I see good, loving people with a lot to offer and much about them to love, who are incapable of fully accepting and experiencing the love that naturally comes their way.

Childhood Emotional Neglect is, in fact, the silent killer of love. It undermines the feeling of love in a family in myriad invisible but powerful ways. It raises children who are emotionally restrained and disconnected from themselves and held back from becoming who they are meant to be.

Growing up with your feelings ignored requires you as a young child to develop some special skills. You must learn how to hide your emotions, the deepest, most personal, biological expression of who you are, from your family.

Pretending you don’t have feelings is like pretending you have no right arm. To make them invisible, you must make sure you do not have them. And this comes at a great cost to you.

So perfectly lovable people walk the earth feeling unloved and people drag their CEN spouses to couples therapy because they feel shut out. And none of it is okay.

5 Ways Childhood Emotional Neglect (CEN) Makes it Hard to Feel Loved as an Adult

You didn’t experience enough deep and personalized love as a child.

All children have a basic need to feel seen, known, and loved for who they really are. In an emotionally neglectful family, living under the “hold your feelings back” mandate, you are forced to hide this key part of yourself. How can you feel a depth of meaningful love from your family when the deepest, most meaningful part of you is never seen? So you may grow up knowing that your parents love you, but not feeling truly loved. Since the love we receive as children sets up our expectations for love as adults, you are now set up with a lowered ability to absorb and feel love. Having experienced a watered-down version of love from the people who were supposed to love you the most, it is all you know.

You are walled off from love.

As a child, you had to harden yourself against your own natural need to feel loved. Above, I said: “All children have a basic need to feel seen, known, and loved for who they really are.”  All children also need emotional validation and nurturance from their parents. As a child, you naturally looked to your parents, over and over again, for those things. And, as a child, over and over again, you were disappointed. Eventually, you learned that there was no water in the well and stopped seeking it. You walled yourself off from your need for validation and love. Where is your wall now? You still have it. And it is blocking you off from the genuine love coming your way.

You don’t trust feelings in general, and that includes the feeling of love.

When your parents discouraged your emotions, they inadvertently taught you some false lessons about emotions. They taught you that emotions, in general, are useless burdens that are best avoided. Now, as an adult, it’s difficult for you to feel that feelings, including love, have value. Some part of you automatically rejects the love that comes your way.

Disconnected from your emotions, it’s hard to feel your feelings, in general.

Your solution as a child was to wall off your feelings as best you could. This is the reason so many adults who grew up with CEN experience a sense of emptiness or numbness: their feelings are still blocked off. When it comes to our feelings, we cannot pick and choose. Unfortunately, out the door goes your anger, happiness, joy, and pain, and along with it goes your love. All of these feelings are sitting on the other side of your wall waiting for you to accept and acknowledge them.

Fear of vulnerability.

To love is to be vulnerable, there is no way around it. When you don’t quite trust feelings in general and you are not accustomed to being seen, validated, and known, love can feel more like a challenge than a gift. It’s scary. You may hold back parts of yourself, fearing that if people see the real you, they will leave. Perhaps you see rejection lurking around every corner. Perhaps you are afraid to initiate friendships or activities because you fear that doing so may be burdening the other person or chasing them away. Fear of vulnerability may be holding you back from the satisfying connections you deserve.

The Solution

One thing I have learned from working with hundreds, perhaps thousands of CEN people is that it is never too late to change and heal. All of the ways that CEN happened to you as a child can be reversed by you, an adult. Begin to follow these steps now.

You can do it. It’s never too late. And, most importantly, you deserve it.


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Joseph Huth - February 14, 2022 Reply

Dear Dr. Webb, Thank you so much for this clarifying and validating artlcle. You are a gifted healer.

Joseph Huth - February 14, 2022 Reply

Dr. Webb, Thank you so much for this article. It is so clarifying and validating of my experience. You are a gifted healer.

José - July 12, 2021 Reply

Dr. Jonice, I am writing you from Madrid, Spain. After a long professional successful life I just have retired and I have decided to give myself the priority to investigate what has been happening with my emotions during my live. I have suffered from CEN, for sure and I have a self-love deficit disorder that has prevented me from living a full emotional life. I am perfectionist, rigid of beliefs and behaviour, always blaming myself about everything and have spent my whole life feeling as victim and protecting accountability into others, including my parents. I have struggled to learn how to love myself but the truth is that I do not know now what love is. I just have discovered from your article that maybe I can still love myself but I have learnt to hide this love and I have to recognise it again. I am really lost and feel alone and failed. Do you know if there is any way from Madrid to do something about? Anyway, thanks for all the help you are providing through knowledge.

Lori - July 11, 2021 Reply

Dr Jonice,
This is, as always, very helpful and also, it “hits home” for me.
I have often said that very thing “I KNOW my parents love me, but I don’t FEEL it, and besides, how can you love someone you don’t even really know? That’s not love, that’s obligation!” Yet truly, I do know I have their love…I just feel nothing. Ironically however, I do obligation VERY well — even if the obligation is undeserved or misplaced!
With my dad, who I’ve not seen in over 2 decades, I love him but don’t know him. One of my most prominent memories of him was on the days he was absent: those times when on a phone call he gave the little girl me something to hope for and look forward to when he would say “Daddy’s coming to Maine to spend a week with you! We’ll have fun together and we can go shopping, get you some clothes and toys, and another day we can go to the beach and have a picnic, maybe Daddy will take you to the movies with your little friend if there is one you want to see. I’ll be there Saturday around noon, after I get unpacked and rest a bit at my hotel.” That appointed day, I’d be outside watching and waiting all dressed in a cute outfit refusing to come in, waiting… But no show, no phone call and some silly excuse next time he would call. How do you feel loved when you aren’t even worth coming to see?
I wonder if it would be okay to ask you a question privately Dr Jonice? I don’t know what to do with this…
Thanks, Lori (velveteen rabbit)

    Jonice - July 12, 2021 Reply

    Dear Lori, I’m sorry you had this experience with your dad. I want to emphasize how important it is that parents who are unable to give to their children, see and love their children, are limited by their own inner resources. It’s about him, not you.

Nathalie - July 11, 2021 Reply

Hi Jonice,
Thank you for this article and for your book. It has helped me a lot (and a lot of my friends too!)

I have been wanting to share something with you. I feel like I have gone through CEN as a child, and I recognize in myself some kind of a dissociation pattern, that I have been working on (and getting better!). But at the same time, I have always been very in touch with my feelings, in a specific way: mostly through reading and writing. As a kid, I used to read Anne of Green Gables over and over again and I really identified with this character, whose feelings are always so intense and colourful and full of poetic complexity. I felt that I was a little Anne on the inside, with very intense / dramatic / romantic feelings, that I had access to when writing, but it didn’t show in real life. I was not able to know what my real needs were, or what my feelings were in the moment, on the outside, in real life : I was taught that feelings are best ignored and avoided, that they’re meaningless and I felt ashamed that I had any. My question is: have you noticed in your practice if this is a frequent thing? Do ignored/avoided feelings tend to intensify, as if to scream « please listen to me », to get us to finally pay attention to them? I notice that some of my friends who also recognize CEN in their life can be very emotional people (per example, when talking about things that really matter to them), but have trouble identifying their real needs in their love life. I would love to hear your thoughts about this!

Thank you! 🙂

    Jonice - July 12, 2021 Reply

    Dear Nathalie, yes indeed, ignored and suppressed feelings only become more intense under the surface. Then they may erupt when touched off by a current situation. I hope this helps!

Babs - July 11, 2021 Reply

Dr. Webb,
I’m very thankful for you.
So many years I could not get my head around the empty feeling. I always felt guilt if I dissected my past to figure it out. I was the last of 6 kids in a family that had had little dialogue about anything (WW2 parents). When my parents became desperate to find answers for some of their older children who were starting to experiment in drugs (70’s), they became heavily involved in the Jesus movement. They also became leaders in the movement by opening up their home to many people and meetings. I think you can read between the lines at how lost I felt at that point (when I was supposed to be “found” -sorry, bad humor..).
I would like to emphasize Dr. Webb that I would not have started this journey if I had not found your information on CEN along with your two books. I so appreciate learning that the emptiness from CEN that caused depression, anxiety, low self esteem, etc. is real. I also feel a sense of relief and forgiveness because it’s not something my parents did with intention.
4 favorites:
-Running on Empty, Dr Jonice Webb
-Running on Empty No More, Dr Jonice Webb
-Winning the War in your mind, Craig Groeschel
-Chatter, Ethan Cross

    Jonice - July 11, 2021 Reply

    Dear Babs, thank you so much for sharing. I’m happy to have helped you on your healing journey.

Cynthia - July 11, 2021 Reply

Do you think getting paid well for a job could be a symptom, too? Is being afraid to show your knowledge and abilities part of this?

    Jonice - July 11, 2021 Reply

    Dear Cynthia, Yes, believing you are deserving and asking for what you are worth are signs of a person who has grown up validated and emotionally seen. And the opposite is also true. CEN, as it teaches you that your feelings don’t matter, also makes you feel that you as a person do not matter.

Nan - July 11, 2021 Reply

Exactly! Thanks for the reminder to understand that I am loved and I can offer love in return, even if I don’t totally feel it the way other people do.

    Jonice - July 11, 2021 Reply

    Dear Nan, please don’t settle for that. You can feel love, you’ll just need to work your way there.

Amanda - July 11, 2021 Reply

I find it impossible to love myself therefore it’s impossible for others to love me. I’m stuck in this god awful cycle of people trying to love me only for me to feel ashamed of myself and push them away. I was molested by a neighbor in 1 or 2nd grade, I never told my mother. I don’t think she would have been able to handle it. She was young and too stressed out. Had me at age 15 and was kicked out of the house by my grandmother. I don’t know how to tell her but I have a feeling that might begin the healing process

    Jonice - July 11, 2021 Reply

    Dear Amanda, I am so very sorry that happened to you. Please know that being unable to fully absorb the love that’s sent your way is not the same thing as being impossible to be loved. I urge you to talk your abuse experience over with a therapist and allow them to help and guide you to make decisions about whether and how to tell your mother. Sending you all my best wishes.

Taza G. - December 17, 2019 Reply

Spot on! Feeling loved, appreciated, & valued is very difficult for me. A 3.5 year relationship ended just 2 days ago (2 days after my 63rd birthday), and I’m determined to love myself completely in the absence of an “other”.
While I know in my mind that I deserve love–that I *am* loved by my family, friends, and clients–internalizing worthiness in my heart is still a challenge.
I am seeing a wonderful therapist who’s been very helpful.
Thanks so much for this important work.

GWOR - December 17, 2019 Reply

Opening : Closure for the self first!

Not all wishes are fairy tales and caviar dreams in closure . Most are fractured and many are broken and the person’s repair takes from the self is too costly to one’s own ongoing repair. Always remember the possibility the other could care less and will take over the conservation and yourself to destroy your first point to keep you in disorder while they walk away in order, recharged and now playing the winner as they still control you . The loss = bankruptcy of self : Why bother!

Reading the comments : learning from others :
One advantage of reading the comments is to get a feel/ mindset from others, and your replies and figuring out if all this effort to reconnect with others is energy well used because it is spent quickly like gambling without a full deck( brains) without much return on profit just more loss to one’s self first . Some people want to see your backside going out the door before you enter to “ have that talk” . Why bother to give them your power of reconnecting to steal from you which is their purpose to upset you .Why bother?

Self first just reconnecting with the self
Now I am sensing connecting with self first is VIP. And closure with family and others is getting farther away . Some people may be most fortunate to reconnect with others however reconnecting with self first and putting closure on the back burner may sound cruel as one must remember connecting with self and loving self leaves no unanswered questions because it is a one on one with self 24/7 365 . There is no middle man here just you & you .

The Past Comes Into Light
Recently I recognized a person from a deep dark draining past heading my way probably here from away for a home on home hockey game.
Since myself had had a great talk with my self, no middleman here I asked myself is this meeting worth it and I took the other exit out out of the big rec & fitness centre .
I then realized I had just set boundaries for me and got in the car, opened the windows and let the cold Canadian air blow it all away .Wow what a feeling of freedom! And to breathe the way I want to take a breath for self .

Draining Your Gas Tank:
Too many great people out there in the now to dig up relics of the draining and broken past to get the empty needle they want on your mind’s gas tank to be out of gas when interacting . Why bother?

Is the past worth the crash it brings to reconnect to closure?

Now as I check off those who betrayed me in a 20 year old dispute and pension loss some have naturally passed away however I found working on the self first allowed a new suit of armour in love for self first is greater than the closure needed to find whatever closure may be no more like an empty building of living in its own bankruptcy the gates now rusted , the useless broken chains hanging from the gates blowing back and forth whatever way the winds blows those gates will never see closure.. Many human closures are like gates useless if the wind controls the direction and you get hit with the hanging chains looking for your own closure.

Be of your own mindfulness and walk on by bye saying bye bye this closure opening is more than enough for my permanent closure .

Yes like the famous Staples button and my new battery operated NO button it just gets “easier”to press both and get on with living then reliving the lack of living and looking for closure in a bankrupt empty building where the security gates blow without order anyway they want too as the wind blows . What kind of order is that in one’s life of ongoing self renewal ? No anchors and locks here to stabilize the gates of your living .What is the value?
Zero Profit & No Growth Why bother?

Seeking new Outcomes and Incomes :
It is about enriching self first in body, mind, spirit, and vocation without chains to you and anything that is going to stop you from growing and moving forward to your own profit and growth.

Richard J Macilwaine - December 16, 2019 Reply

Spectacular article. I have one aim in life from here on and will do anything in order to achieve it… To reconnect with my true self so I can finally experience vulnerability, sensitivity, empathy, love, connection and friendship.
I have read running on empty no more but still don’t know what it will require to lower the wall. I know safety is one of the requirements. It seems like I need a number of things to be in order in my life for me to finally feel that it’s safe enough to allow my true self or and about.
Our Dr, do the therapists you have trained know how to help us lower the wall and they back in touch with our feelings self?

    Jonice - December 17, 2019 Reply

    Hi Richard, many of the CEN therapists on the list do have that training but some have only read both books and may not be totally able to help you break through your wall. I suggest calling them and asking. I encourage you to do what it takes to reconnect with your true self!

Suzette Misrachi - December 10, 2019 Reply

Emotional neglect and abuse is so potent. Jonice, I think your article is terrific! Very important. It links in with my research entitled: “Lives Unseen: Unacknowledged Trauma of Non-disordered, Competent Adult Children Of Parents with a Severe Mental Illness”.
I will pass most definitely pass on your article on to clients and patients whom I think may benefit. Thank you again for writing about such a difficult to see issue, Suzette Misrachi

GWOR - December 7, 2019 Reply

Loving one’s self – difficult as shovelling thick ice off the driveway
And doable with heat and light and you doing you first

Until one gets all of the muck or what they can live with loving oneself is next to zero and nothing .
But there is a but , once you are able to tell people both verbally and non verbally to butt out of your life then you can try and choose one entity just one that you can get a handle on and call it yours . It may be the gym, music, yoga etc..

At some point all the reading every self help book in the library just does not cut it .
Just look at “ stuff “ you like to do and it can not be people doing you in. . You do for you first ….yes you do for you first …. and as you make say in the gym one mile of walking you did that for you . You control your own treadmill and no one tells you the speed or distance to set . After my spinal stenosis surgery I was told no problem live your life. Well not so good. So after all the BS and rehab not knowing about SSS recovery I started real slow on the indoor track oval one lap slower than molasses in January and graduated to the treadmill and then a miracle happened I can do this but slow it goes and went . And the miracle is this everyone in this gym is doing their thing for their self and now I as a 72 broken down no recovery person am walking again slowly and as I look around in this huge area everyone is there for their own personal reasons and you do yours for you as your reason .

Just disconnect the crap and do one thing for you and when ready try another and it is not easy for me giving up golf, curling , skiing , my friends , my charities , and my core business but just to walk alone and say I am doing this for me and reading again and being my usual cantankerous self
You may post your own physical and mental sign “closed until further notice “ because you need you more than you need them. And then you now have your first physical, mental, spiritual boundary WOW Oh what a feeling …priceless
Just do it and you may be surprised how great you feel just caring for yourself first and down the road your love of self returns seamlessly without you knowing it and the magic of incoming warmth sure defeats the winter cold into a complete thaw.. Just You Do For You And Love it .

    Jonice - December 7, 2019 Reply

    Beautifully said, GWOR. Thanks for sharing!

Jim - December 3, 2019 Reply

Wow, after taking this quiz, even though I’ve been to three therapist, I realize why I think the way I do, and why I can’t get back to sleep after I wake up in the night. It makes me sad to think I might have not raised my kids as well as I wanted. I have always questioned whether people really loved me. My dad left us when I was eight and never came back. My step father was a pedafile, and I thought holding me was what I always wanted, until the shame became overwhelming. I was too ashamed and unable to confide in anyone as I didn’t feel I could trust anyone. I was nine years old. My wife has been a Godsend, but still I have questioned even her love in my mind during times of depression. Depression seems to eased some since most of my family have passed away, but I have always felt cheated out of what I could have become. I have had difficulty commiting myself to a relationship with God.

    Jonice - December 4, 2019 Reply

    Dear Jim, I am so sorry you were treated in such harmful ways as a child. You were taught that you were not loved (or lovable). But you actually, clearly are! Now it’s a matter of adjusting your inside to match the outside. I suggest that you see a CEN-trained therapist from the Find A CEN Therapist List on Emotionalneglect.com. There is likely one near you.

Jackie - December 2, 2019 Reply

They say you have to love yourself first in order to be loved by others right? But I’m not sure how to do this. I feel completely numb and disconnected from everyone and everything in my life. It’s like I can’t seem to cultivate anything that feels like happy or joy or love. And you may be right. Maybe I don’t even know what real love would feel like… I’ve read self help books and I’ve tried going to a few different therapists but I never seem to get anything out of paying a stranger to validate me. I always feel misunderstood and If they offer any kind of support it feels fake- my brain goes “they don’t really care- nor do they mean it- you are just paying them to say those things to you.” (Which might be truth- I really don’t know) how can I reframe this? Thank you

    Jonice - December 3, 2019 Reply

    Dear Jackie, have you been evaluated for depression? This is no way for you to live! I hope you will see a CEN-trained therapist (see the list all over the world on emotionalneglect.com) And have an eval for depression. You deserve so much better and more!

    Rakel - July 11, 2021 Reply

    Jackie what you describe could be dissociation from childhood trauma. Your mind protects itself from the pain by blocking your capacity to engage in life. See the mind.org.uk website and isstd one too. Your therapists are trained and supervised to be genuine so I wonder where your self hatred comes from?

Mho - December 2, 2019 Reply

Thanks Dr. Jonice for your dedication to the people who have experienced CEN growing up and as well your consistent articles on recovering CEN as an adult.

Thank you!

    Jonice - December 3, 2019 Reply

    I’m glad my articles are helpful to you, Mho! Thanks for your comment.

Matt - December 2, 2019 Reply

Yeah this hits the nail on the head for me. I have read both of your books as well. I am working through this issue with a counselor. Thanks for your post.

    Jonice - December 2, 2019 Reply

    Dear Matt, I am so glad. Keep up the good work!

Dorine Beasley - December 1, 2019 Reply

Thank you for these emails and sharing what you know with us. I always look forward to them because they help me so much. They not only validate EVERYTHING that I’ve experienced in my life but also put words to those experiences and how I have always felt. Now I know. Thanks to you, just knowing is a relief for me. However, I know I still have a lot of work to do. Blessings to you and all that you do!

    Jonice - December 1, 2019 Reply

    Dear Dorine, I am so glad to be helping you!. Now it is up to you to do the work, just as you say. I’ll be here to help you along the way.

GWOR - December 1, 2019 Reply

Hi Dr. Webb, I appreciate your quick reply and your comments.

One topic “to just keep going “ after “ the roof fell in “ I was looking after two dying aging parents simultaneously about 150 miles away. The weather on the County Roads going deep into a farming plus growing residential area made travelling dangerous ; the black ice and slick Ivey roads as most of us are facing today as hazardous and deathly.

The reason I took on this task as an only child the rest of the family half turned on me and the other were aging and had issues and events of their own both within and without the family and even keeping viable businesses now downsized and employing good people that needed a pay-check because of their lack of education, bad breaks over the years to complete in the new technical world from sophisticated farm machinery to operating computers.

After many trips into this area of my birthplace , now without income and my reputation ruined I decided while going to two different hospitals each having their own areas of specialties to treat my parents now at critical mass it hit me when many of the students I grew up with their parents were now there as well just too much to handle .Then it hit me again , if I drive home after every trip sometimes twice a week my children will adsorb my me I grew up with a hell on earth.

Coincidentally a geriatric specialist Dr.from England and his MD specialist and assistant in training ; the floor supervisor suggested I had seen it all with more to come at the clinic and asked privately could I separate this so I would not ruin my children’s growing up simply by osmosis .I realized after they were doing an on-site study of Q&A about how grown children look after their parents who suffered through growing up in pills , alcohol , violence and total neglect being left to live on a diet of hot dogs until I got out of high school to head off to college .

My answer simply someone has to do it but then I realized it was my reserve regimental training that to this day keeps me upon the level and by the square because my senior officer at one time was my neighbour until we lost our home .

Fortunately I was able to set limits but as I pointed out I did not know that some of staff in the company I now managed started to use all of this against me in their subtleties as a loser. Once released by the corporate head office my pension was cancelled by someone on site and not being informed I suppose I broke but had to make the trips home 150 miles away to give the only care I could muster.

The positive points are I kept it all out of my home and quietly returned to education
In a far away geographical area within the industry of laboratory, chemistry , biology and assisting in developing positions for graduating chemical engineers.

Although there is an old expression Lions = 1 or won Christians =0 or loss I saw it the other way the lions finally got declawed and our family picked up the pieces and moved on with our lives and gone thanks we did not ever give up on each other or one another .

The house then became our home again after many years of every conceivable type of wolves trying to blow it down. Fortunately they became breathless and we grew and grew noting the teeter- totter of life can return to balance after one sided weights of physical , financial, mental and ethical and spiritual are brought back into balance . There reaches a point we must must let the demons and monsters die and just get on with living or continue with the brakes constantly grabbing into the ditch .
And closure is fine but one has to get on with it even if closure is a luxury to just give
thanks to live today in the now.

    Jonice - December 1, 2019 Reply

    Thanks for sharing your story and your observations, Gwor. All the best to you.

Catherine - December 1, 2019 Reply

“Having experienced a watered-down version of love from the people who were supposed to love you the most, it is all you know.”

Your sentence there fitted a big piece of the puzzle of my life together. I just realised that throughout my life, if anyone showed me the smallest bit of kindness, friendship, special treatment, I thought they were my friend or loved me. I’d only ever experienced the watered-down version of love from my mother so if anyone showed me anything more, I was overwhelmed and assumed they really liked or loved me!

Thanks for enlightening me!

    Jonice - December 1, 2019 Reply

    Dear Catherine, that makes perfect sense. I hope you will now move forward to require more from people before allowing them access to your heart.

      Catherine - December 1, 2019 Reply

      I have been learning about and feeling my emotions for a while now and making progress. I have some local friends now! Not just internet ones.

        Jonice - December 1, 2019 Reply

        That’s fantastic, Catherine! You are a good example of progress. Thanks for sharing!

Paul MacArthur - December 1, 2019 Reply

The five points given are all meaningful . Many of us lived them. And still do!
The other side effect is this is about the house is not a home .
Then their is reality .The outside world is very small .
People sense that CENs are different like outsiders . It is easy to get labeled .
A CEN wants to fit in, but the harder they try to fit in they are looked at “ just being different”.
Comments like oh so & so is a loner or he/she does not like anyone .
Small knitted communities and schools can be a stop sign to breaking in .One has to leave their area/ community to start over .Period !
This is why after receiving my professional accreditation I chose to not work within any company or university teaching but to be the outside technical problem solver .However after a company death it was the death of me coming inside as GM of operations . People got nosey about my past . It cost me my pension after 15 years of dedicated service to increasing the business and client in-house problem solving providing solutions . It cost in other ways and most are not repairable as looking for closure can be more damaging and time consuming than letting it all go and finally saying, enough all ready and just getting on with today today not today’s yesterday’s! So I had to decide is it The Them or is it The Me. After years of rebuilding everything The Me won .
Even after 15 years I still run into people at trade shows that like the feeling they are so superior and know the situation better than I had to endure for many years . And now I just ignore them because most are at that age they have less time on earth and I can not allow their prejudices to inculcate within me and because we are all of that aging group and forward is not my reverse and either is down under presently living in the now. .
There reaches a point we must rewrite our own scripts to both life and living one .
My only regret is the person who caused me to lose my pension and the financial effects of the loss to my family . However the upside was my children were at an age and went out and got part time jobs stocking food store shelves . Both excelled in areas of law, math & economics and engineering . These are the blessings that outweigh the losses of being a CEN who got most of it back as the teeter- totter of justice came into its own balance of abundance and rewards .


    Jonice - December 1, 2019 Reply

    Dear Paul, thank you for sharing your story. I’m glad you were able to raise great kids despite such hardships. I hope you are working on feeling loved, as I’m sure you deserve it.

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