Emotional Neglect: What We Accomplished!

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This morning I started thinking about this past year, taking stock of the progress we’ve made in getting more people to know and think and talk about Emotional Neglect.

I have been amazed and honored by the support that you have all offered. Without your Tweets and Retweets, comments and questions, posts and Likes and shares, the concept of CEN would have reverted right back to where it came from: the white space.

Here are some of our accomplishments

  1. Hundreds of new subscribers have signed up to follow the Emotional Neglect Newsletter.
  2. Webb Connection has grown to over 3,200 followers who are engaged and active on the Page.
  3. The Emotional Neglect YouTube channel has had almost 100,000 views.
  4. The book Running on Empty has grown in popularity, has sales over 40,000 copies.**please note that “sales” are not about money since the book is not a money-making venture; the number of books sold are simply a reflection of growth and interest in the topic.
  5. The new Ask Dr. Webb Page is reaching thousands of people a month.
  6. Running on Empty now has 280 reviews on Amazon, and a rating of 4.72 stars. Each review helps more people find the concept, and offers them a path to healing and stopping the CEN cycle.

Even though we may never have met in person, we form a community of our own. We are linked by a common interest and a common purpose. Healing and moving forward, stopping the cycle. Your help means a lot to me. Let’s keep working together throughout the year to educate and understand and overcome CEN.

Happy New Year from me to you. Wishing you the best!

To learn more about Childhood Emotional Neglect, see my first book Running on Empty. 


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Gregory Jerome - January 5, 2016 Reply

Thank you Dr. Webb for championing the address of Childhood Emotional Neglect. I’ve always known my emotionally abandoned childhood and adolescence leveled my self esteem and trust. Today, I’m beginning to see how these two injuries in turn fueled: depression, anxiety, PTSD, job insecurity, low income/aspiration, and wiped out ANY chance of dating/intimacy for the first 40 years of my life.

And some people say Childhood Emotional Neglect isn’t a big deal. I’d say, experience it demolishing the first 45 years of your life and then tell me “it isn’t some huge crushing thing.”

I’ve survived it, which brings to mind a metaphor I’ve been playing with recently. Maybe we’re all the story of two pictures. One, a painting of who we truly are. An unchanging, beautiful portrait of our true character, our talent and potential that will never change, even if our lives are so twisted that we never discover it, much less become it.

The other, a photograph that captures the nature of our experience in life. For some, this photograph tells the story of the discovery of that painting. Parents looking deeply into the eyes of their child in wonder, amazement and a sense of profound love.

For others like myself, the photo is more like a high-speed raceway blowout that sends flaming wreckage over the safety wall into a crowd of screaming people trampling each other to escape the carnage. “Suffering is a reality here,” our old friend once said sitting under a tree somewhere far away.

This nightmare photo can easily hide that work of art from us, or distort how we see it. But, it’s always there. It never changes, and it can always be discovered, and brought forward.

Happy New Year! – G.Jerome 2016

Susan - May 4, 2015 Reply

I am very glad to have discovered this. I just ordered the book from my kindle. I am 48 years old..I have moved 5 times in the past ten years…I have had 9 jobs in the past 10 years also…I have recently tried to ‘really’ identify my special gift and/or what my purpose in life is – and I am having difficulty because I keep on doubting and questioning and ultimately thinking “will they approve?” then defeating myself. My parents gave me a choice of what would be acceptable: I had the choice to either be a kindergarten teacher who played the piano, a nurse (RN, no less), or a housewife: tried all with all my heart and nothing worked out. All this is merely encapsuluating my situation……..So here I am clinging onto helping myself find reasons so I can get past this and be really happy. Thank you.

    Jonice Webb - May 13, 2015 Reply

    Dear Susan, so now it’s your time to figure out who you really are, and be it. No more pleasing others or trying random things. It won’t be easy, but you can do it. Good for you for figuring this out and facing it! Wishing you success and happiness.

Frank Billue - January 15, 2015 Reply

A friend sent me the link to this site, and as I explored it I was amazed to find it described my life experience to a T. For 40 years I have searched myself and numerous resources to discover the cause and cure for the sense of disconnection and isolation that has led me at times to retreat into despair. Fortunately, with the help of some talented counselors and caring friends I have survived and even thrived in some aspects of my life. In the past several years, I have made great progress in learning how to love, accept, and care for myself. But, I still feel the sense of disconnection from others and struggle with old habits of isolation. I have found it impossible to describe in words this feeling of disconnection. “A hole in my soul”, “emptiness” or “somethings missing” come close but do not accurately portray the feeling separation from life. I think it is because I’m trying to describe an absence of something essential. I’m looking forward to learning more and reading “Running on Empty”. Thank you. I think you’re on to something big here.

    Jonice Webb - January 18, 2015 Reply

    Dear Frank, you describe very well that “empty” feeling that so many people share. At least you know that you are not alone with it. I’m so happy that you’re going to read Running on Empty. I hope (I think you will) find it helpful. Check back here after, and let us know. Wishing you continued growth and health!

Nora Cortes - January 3, 2015 Reply

Happy New Year to you too Dr Webb. I’m waiting for your next book and I’m buying my therapist “Running on Empty”!
May 2015 bring you much success and happiness.

Nora Cortes

    Jonice Webb - January 3, 2015 Reply

    Thank you Nora! Wishing you the same!

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